Gris-Gris Charms

The history of the term gris-gris has been traced to the term "juju" which is the West African word for fetish or sacred object. Marie Laveau, the nineteenth century Voodoo Queen of New Orleans, who inherited her magical powers from her African ancestors, was famous for the effectiveness of her mojo hands. They were sought after by black slaves and white masters alike for protection against disease, the evil wishes of enemies, bad luck in love, business, gambling, or personal relationships.

The practitioners who put together these gris-gris for Marie Laveau's House of Voodoo, in New Orleans, needless to say, do so in the tradition established by that great Voodoo Queen.

You may consecrate the hand by setting it on top of a Bible, which contains both the Old and New Testaments, and surrounding the Bible with symbols of the four elements. To the left of the bible and the gris-gris bag, place a cup of salt (earth); to the right, a bowl of water (water); to the top, a lit candle in a saucer (fire); and to the bottom, a stick of incense (air).

As the incense continues to burn, sit nearby and visualize the problems or difficulties you wish the gris-gris bag to assist you with. Remember, do not think negative or malicious thoughts about others, rather think of yourself growing so strong that you have become invulnerable to their efforts.

If you have personalized and consecrated your gris-gris, you cannot leave it so that others can see it, or worse, touch it. It should be kept under clothing or carried on the left side of the body, concealed in a pocket.

You should reconsecrate the gris-gris whenever you feel the need. When a consecrated and personalized gris-gris has served its purpose, it must be buried in secret. We cannot guarantee the results, but you will have gained the blessing of Marie Laveau.

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