Items for Good Luck and Fortune

Chancitos are traditional clay three-legged pig charms from Chile. They are given to friends and family as a token of good luck and fortune. It is said that the pigs who were able to escape the hunting traps were the lucky ones!


From the Kaigang Tribe of Brazil, these dolls are made with leather and come with a cord to hang from the ceiling or wall. Each of these dolls is of a unique design, and they are blessed to bring Good Luck and Good Fortune to the owner.


Legendary etched agate eye beads. Believed to be created by the Gods. Brings good luck, wards off evil and protects wearers from harm. Easily adjustable bracelet to tighten or loosen.


Real raccoon penis bones used for good luck in gambling. It was a tradition among hunters to put these bones in there hat for luck and success. Can also be added to mojo bags or worn on a string.


The lucky rabbits foot comes from many different cultures and is usually carried or worn around the neck for good luck. Since rabbits live underground, they were also linked to the devil and darkness, but considered to have protection from those forces. In the U.S., the rabbits foot can be traced back to African-American traditions, and was used for protective magic and good fortune.


Saint Jude, the patron saint of impossible causes and miracles. He is the one to turn to when all avenues appear to be closed, and is commonly prayed to in critical health issues or life-and-death situations. It has become a tradition to publish thanks to Saint Jude in the newspaper when you call upon and receive his help. This helps spread his name and gives hope to those who are also in need.

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Authentic Haitian Voudon fetishes for protection, good fortune, and success. These traditionally styled fetishes are also individual in decoration. Keep them in your home or office or give as gifts to friends and family. Be sure to keep them sealed up, they can also be used as part of your altar or carried with you for safe travels.