Symbolic Necklaces


The Nordic Tribes of around 200 B.C. devised these rune symbols to represent the forces of nature. It is said that by picking the right rune the wearer will harness the power of the rune. Comes with adjustable cord. Click display for better view.
  • Tyr : Rune of Victory, points to success in competition.
  • Uruz : Wild Ox : Rune of strength and good health, the ability to resist disease.
  • Turaz : Rune of Wealth and Good Fortune, points to material and emotional gains from an unsuspected source.
  • Sigel : Rune of Will and Self Confidence, provides the power and path to make positive changes.
  • Raido : Rune of Travel and Safe Journeys, also refers to the journey of the soul between heaven and earth.
  • Khor : Rune of Harvest, reaping of rewards and also refers to cosmic justice and the true right.
  • Dagaz : Rune of the New Day, points to a fresh start, and signifies a time of growth and prosperity.
  • Parz : Rune of Mystery, points to something hidden come to light.
  • Kenaz : Fire - Illumination - Rune of Creativity, good for artists and crafts people.
  • Eihwaz : Rune of Self Defense, refers to the yew tree from which weapons were made.
  • Feoh : Rune of Success, something you have been striving for is within your grasp.
  • Geba : Rune of Love and Sexuality, predicts success in love relationships.

Rune Necklaces
Rune Necklaces

The signs of the Zodiac can give us insight into the personality traits and archetypal qualities we are influenced by. Each of these necklaces represents a period in time and alignment of the stars as they cycle every year, choose the sign of your birthdate. Comes with adjustable cord. Click display for better view.
  • Aries : March 21 t0 April 20 : Aries are impulsive and fiery.
  • Taurus : April 21 to May 21 : Taurus are practical, reserved and strong willed.
  • Gemini : May 22 to June21 : Gemini are sensitive, restless and imaginative.
  • Cancer : June 22 to July 22 : Cancers are moody, romantic, and have good memory.
  • Leo : July 23 to August 23 : Leos are born leaders, very organized and live long lives.
  • Virgo : August 24 to September 23 : Virgo has a great mental capacity and are very shrewd.
  • Libra : September 24 to October 23 : Libras are refined, elegant, and artistic.
  • Scorpio : October 24 to November 22 : Scorpios are cautious, wary and secretive.
  • Sagittarius : November 23 to December 21 : Sagittarius' are independent, loyal and honest.
  • Capricorn : December 22 to January 20 : Capricorns are cautious, economical, and idustrious.
  • Aquarius : January 21 to February 19 : Aquarius' are inventive, philosophical, and idealistic.
  • Pisces : February 20 to March 20 : Pisces combine the traits of all.

Zodiac Necklaces
Zodiac Necklaces

The Wicca religion is a modern pagan religion developed by incorporating witchcraft and ancient pagan beliefs, seeking harmony and balance with the world, Wicca recognizes the Mother Moon Goddess and the Horned God that represent the duotheistic/gender polarity of the forces of nature. Each of these necklaces represents a powerful symbol to bring the intended goals and abilities to the wearer. Each necklace comes with adjustable cord. Click display for better view.
  • Attraction : The waxing moon, the time from the new moon to the full moon, represents the power of attraction.
  • Balance : The Divine Feminine as Maiden, Mother, and Crone. The triple Moon symbolizes all the aspects of female Power uniting intuition and psychic insight, creative energy, wisdom and mystery.
  • Direction : Charged with the energy of the owner, the Athame is used as a tool to direct energy and define space, such as casting a sacred circle.
  • Stability : The Pentagram represents balance, the Middle path, living in harmony with all the forces of life.
  • Intuition : The Goddess with moonstone symbolizes the immanent life force, as Mother Nature, the Earth, the Cosmos, and interconnectedness of all life.
  • Wisdom : Contemplating the Moon and the pentagram symbolizes the mystic circle of magick.
  • Magik : One who worships the Goddess and the God, Her Consort, practices magick, and follows the spiritual path of Wicca.
  • New Beginnings : The Pentacle is a symbol of Earth and Prosperity, in it's upright position represents the Spirit in balance and harmony with the four elements.
  • Power : The word "crescent" derives from the Latin creare which means to create, and so the Crescent Moon is linked with the creative power of the Goddess.
  • Spiritual Growth : The Labyrinth represents spiritual growth and transition - a physical representation of the passage into a higher level of spiritual awareness.
  • Spiritual Rebirth : The Cauldron symbolizes rebirth and it's properties of transformation.
  • Well Being : The Chalice symbolizes the eternal feminine and it's properties of cleansing, regeneration, and emotion.

Wicca Necklaces
Wicca Necklaces

The Celts were a mysterious and intriguing culture of ancient Europe from around 500 B.C. to 500 A.D. With limited historical records found, what we know of the Celtic religion comes mostly from other cultures that interacted with them. Well known amongst the Greeks and Romans were the Celtic Religious-Magical priests known as the Druids, whose hidden wisdoms influenced many animist and NeoPagan religions today. Each necklace comes with adjustable cord. Click display for better view.
  • Claddagh Cross : The claddagh is a symbol of Ireland. Created in the 1600's in a small fishing village outside Galway, the two hands, heart and crown represent friendship, love and loyalty.
  • Well Cover : The Chalice Well is traveled to for its healing iron rich water. It's water runs constantly, even during drought.
  • Dragon : Celtic Dragons live at the bottom of the lakes or guardtrees, representing elemental power and protection.
  • Tree of Life : The tree is a bearer of food, a provider of shelter, and fuel for cooking and warmth.
  • Celtic Heart : The universal sign of love; the most romantic of symbols, representing souls in a visual continuity.
  • Nathair : Nathair, the snake is associated with wisdom. The Druids were known in Wales as Naddredd; Taliesin says "I am a wiseman, I am serpent."
  • Triskele Shield : The three branches are positioned in such a way as to make the symbol appear it is in constant forward motion.
  • Celtic Cross : The Celtic-cross is used as a symbol of Christianity to show devotion to a higher spiritual power, and also as a tool for spiritual focus.
  • Claddagh : Two people come together in a deep friendship, signified by hands. Crowning this relationship with their loyalty and fidelity.
  • Green Man : The Green Man is interpreted as a symbol of rebirth, representing the cycle of growth each spring.
  • Thor's Hammer : Thor, god of thunder and lightning, symbolizes strength and power. His hammer is worn for psychic protection.
  • Triskele : The triple goddess symbolizes the trinity in all of its forms, body, mind, and spirit; maiden, mother, and crone; and the Christian trinity, the father, son, and Holy Spirit.

Celtic Necklaces
Celtic Necklaces