Voodoo Dolls and Fetishes


A powerful house blessing used to bring protection and prosperity to your home. Traditionally hung over the main entrance of your house or business. There are different sizes to choose from, and are available either with or without hair.


Madame Angelle's special Veve Voodoo dolls are hand painted here in our shop. Each one is custom made and depicts the veve's for your loa of choice. Keep them in your house as a powerful blessing for prosperity and protection. Displayed here is a Baron Samedi veve doll, custom requests are available. Click the image for more information.


Handmade cloth Voodoo dolls for a variety of purposes. Just like our other Voodoo dolls, they are all individual and unique, though they are all made within the same style as the samples displayed here. Made by practitioners of the art, these dolls have a more modern feel for those who prefer it to the chilling look of some of the classic style dolls.

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From a member of the Kaigang Tribe of Brazil, these dolls are made with leather and designed to hang from the ceiling or wall. Each of these dolls is of a unique design, and they are blessed to bring Good Luck and Good Fortune to the owner.


Handcrafted Voodoo dolls made for different purposes. Every one of these is individual and unique, so it should be noted that these images are only demonstations of the style in which they are created, and your order will not be exactly the same as these displays. It's a popular misconception that all voodoo dolls are used to effect other people negatively, yet all of ours are for positive effects. Click the image for more samples and information.


Baron Samedi (Baron Saturday) is the Haitian Loa of the Dead, and is also known for debauchery, sexuality, obscenity, and disruption. Baron Samedi is known by many names, and is the one who accepts souls into the realm of the dead. He can also grant life by curing wounds and disease.