Damballah Veve doll


Madame Angelle's Veve Voodoo Dolls

Madame Angelle's special Veve Voodoo dolls are hand painted here in our shop. Each one is custom made and depicts the veve's for your loa of choice. Keep them in your house as a powerful blessing for prosperity and protection. Displayed here is a Damballah veve doll, custom requests are available : please visit our Orders section.

Damballah: A patriarchal serpent deity who created the world, ancient spirit associated with rain, fertility and wisdom. Damaballah's Veve doll is for creativity and new beginnings.

Ayizan: The patroness of all initiates to Vodou, she is ruler of the marketplace and thriving communities. She is known to bless, cleanse, and empower those she possesses. Ayizan's Veve doll is for a prosperous business.View

Baron Samedi: The Loa of the dead, he also grants life through healing. Baron is a powerful Loa for protection and has also been known to play the role of a trickster. Baron's Veve doll is for transformation and rebirth, and for protection, especially from hexes and curses.View

Erzulie: Goddess of love, romance, art, and sex. She is a protector of women in need and inspires passion and imagination bringing new possibilities. Erzulie's Veve doll is for love and passion.View


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